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The updated me.

I am a writer and soon-to-be publisher in my late thirties. I've been working on an e-book start-up for several months, and will soon be getting in the necessary equipment and software to launch my own business (FINALLY! Working for MYSELF! Heh). Then, I'll be taking submissions. At first, I was going to go for collected shorts only, but have decided that longer works will also be possible. I've thankfully managed to talk some really great talent into getting involved. I've devoted pretty much all my time to this since the beginning of the year, and am hoping to make a real success of it.

I recently completed working on several historical articles for publication in an upcoming book which will be released through Harper Collins/Smithsonian. I also recently finished round one with historical texts for highschool Students, having done two full chapters for an upcoming release to come out via a different publisher. I am now also working on publishing a complete fictional manuscript (for that one, I'll need a publisher. It's preternatural romance, and co-writen), and once off deadline again, will be working on several more fictional projects, possibly including one YA, and one horror or horror crossover genre.

Now, for the things I've done that actually pay the rent:

I am also a trained computer professional, working as something else most of the time for a day job (I'm a damned fine bookkeeper), though not by choice. Damn this economy! I have a BA from a most respectable university...(HA) in English and Political Science. (There are times I think it too bad I didn't want to be a lawyer, instead).

I write with several different people. It's a hobby that's now turning into quite a bit more, though not yet enough to sustain me.

I am a published journalist, and soon-to-be published historical writer, but I'm hoping to get fiction out there, too, some day very soon.

My last long term day position was at a pretty icky place, though I loved it. It kindof wiped me out, and my health did suffer somewhat. I'm right now working on finding a new one, as it shut down (Frankly, just in time). I took a bit of a break, as I could, but now, It's about that time again, so I'm avidly seeking. (If you know of any positions in the area of Long Island, NY, that require a bookkeeping, managing, writing sort and with a technical background, and reasonable level of intelligence, lemme know!)

My true loves are shopping, cafes, occasional clubbing, when I am not of the mood to hate all men, defending the odd underdog, normally through furious debate, writing, painting, movies, and books. Oh yeah, and I have a thing for politics. And, although I'm not what I would honestly consider a liberal (more a moderate...) I despise the Republicons.

We (The buddies on here and I) host the slow but never completely inactive writing club olihin_xe (That's ex_nihilo, or "Out of nothing", spelled backwards, as the forward version was reserved.) It's a pain to apply, but could be well worth it, as whoever joins and contributes gets pretty much at least my undivided attention.

I also host a gaming-related advice column called deargm It's a relatively wank-free zone where experienced GMs give advice on gaming, people can talk about being better gamers, and I ask frequent questions about gaming in the interest of starting discussions.

I also like the beach, and summers in upstate New York. Gorgeous territory, that. I like to write about those areas. Great base for horror stories. Which brings me to what I write about; Mostly things with fangs. Dunno what it is about them, but I can't get enough. I also write fantasy, and cross-genre, though my first publication of fiction, if all goes well, is most likely to be paranormal romance.

I am a lifelong night owl. I dressed gothic before there WAS a term for that. My attitude, though, is pretty unique. I don't do group consciousness well. Just to be blunt about it: No, I don't consider myself gothic, or anything else. Others periodically insist that I am, might be, or should be.

Other Interests:

I have a twenty odd pound cat. He will doubtless make a gajillion entries in this thing. He's kindof omnipresent in the computer room due to an illness (Now past) that necessitated keeping him confined. Happily, he's made it to 15, now, and he's chunky and fluffy as ever he was before he was ill. He's also very, very friendly, particularly when I'm trying to type.

My taste in music and books are both ecclectic. I like metal, fusion, classic rock, and even truly classic, at times. Hell, I'll even WATCH an opera. I don't enjoy just listening, though. I think that one is more the costumes. With books, I am currently on a vampire kick. Before that, straight horror, and fantasy. Before that, hardcore Sci Fic, but that's going back to when I was, well, what? Nine through thirteen? WAY back. Odd, however, that I tend to recall far better what I read back then sometimes than what I read now. Perhaps it was just the quality of the writing. It's so hard anymore to find a really tremendously good read. I've had to branch out far and wide to do it, really. Horror kick or no, I'll read pretty much anything, and often take a trip over to one of those places with a cafe and sit down with a pile of books on whatever subject strikes a fancy at the moment.

Movies and TV: I loved We Were Soldiers, and The Sixth Sense. The Matrix and Twelve Monkeys also top my list of fantastic. I thouroughly enjoyed The Mummy. My all time favorite may just be Raiders of the Lost Arc. TV shows? Gotta be the shield, and Law and Order SVU. And I now am quite fond of Medium. I think it's the plots, plus, well, psychic power! Oh, and Survivor, and The Amazing Race. NO idea why. Just is. I SWORE no reality TV for me. End of Western civ, and all that..then, watched it. ~HEAVY sigh~. I also like ER, and Night Stalker. Lost is starting to annoy me a bit, as is Invasion. When it was on, I loved Farscape. Nip Tuck again is one of my late night draws.

I also have a real love for The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, PBS, and, perhaps bizarrely, The Home Decorating Network. Again, no idea of why, though sometimes, it gives me great material for descriptions of buildings and rooms.

Cutting down, though, lately. I've been spending much more online time again, at least in the mornings, and I tend to fall asleep on much of the evening fare, even when it's something pretty good.

The social life. Of late, a bit boring, as I've been conserving my resources, but usually best summed up in multiple rants, again, mostly about why there is no such thing as Mr. Right. Especially on the BBW club scene. Yes, that's right...I'm fat. I'm happy. When I feel like it, I DATE. Deal with it. I also do have RL friends and family. In the last couple of weeks, I've been to a 50th birthday party, and went for a somewhat disasterous trip to a haunted house, and got in touch with an old friend's granny...(Long stories, all.)

I am childfree. That means never had 'em, never will, and don't want them. No, it's nothing wrong with me, or my own childhood. My mom is one of the greatest people I've ever met. My father was fantastic. I just don't enjoy children. Frankly, the little ones even squick me, rather as some people would be squicked by rats, or bugs. I don't like babies. Although I love my niece, of course, I've never held her. I shop for her. When she's a bit older, and can talk, I'll have a great deal more to do with her. I've already been buying books for her. I'm ok with kids of others, in short doses. But never will want my own. I can't walk away when done playing. They don't fit with what I want my life to be. And there's certainly no shortage of kids out there, so no, it's not selfish at all to want my own life. Especially knowing that I would not be happy as a parent. More people should set the default to NO, not the other way around, IMHO.

Anyway, enough of this darn intro. I'll save the rest of this for the actual journal.

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