A new Question!

I have been away a bit (Admittedly gaming in something shiny and new. lol.) But want to get back to here, because here is fun, too, and I know this was a really great place for talking gaming...sooo....

How do you all feel about those big online games that combine graphic avatars, actual textually emoted RP, and metered combat (Tracking of exps, damage, spells, etc etc?)

What are the pluses and minuses? Inquiring minds!

Hey all!

Just want you all to know I am here, alive and well.

Beach season has started, so doing alot of that. Had a solid month of bad weather, but that was ok, as due to budget cuts, naturally, they close the beach I LIKE for half the season, and never mind that it makes little sense to do so, nor that they don't close down the PRIVATE yet state funded beaches for so much as a day. Fekkers. (Meanwhile, they raised our taxes again...)

Still chasing some shinies, and but GODS I have the stories now for badrperssuck. lol. SL can be a right gaming cesspit.

Still, been having fun.

Family is pretty good. Mom may or may not be getting her knee replaced. Seeing if the cortisone shots and anti-inflammatories work first. I am hopeful. Fortunately, though a bit arthritic, her hip is ok.

Going to do a bit of exploring on here, and then gotta run again, but will try to be on a bit more often. Miss you guys. :D

Hugs all!


Hey all!

Quick postie, but wanted to say I'm good. And Happy Spring!

All going well, gaming like mad still, though that may eventually slow a bit. Also trying to get my other ducks in a row, and gearing up for summer, which is now just around the corner, or so I'm telling myself. lol.

BIG hugs all!



Yes, that is right. I am alive, and well. And I didn't realize I'd not been around again in so long.

I got so into chasing the shinies, and adventuring, but fortunately, I think I may be at a point now where I can come over and posty. They weren't even letting me breath over there.

Lemme explain :)

I got into Second Life. Then, I promptly got into GAMING in second life, became a faction head, and went to war with a more powerful faction. It's been long, and brutal, with epic twists and turns. And I actually lost about 30 pounds IRL, because I was at the computer so much, I haven't seen snacks in about three months, aside from the obligatory m&ms and Skittles on my desk.

In a way, this has been very good for me, oddly enough. I'd been down for a long time, and not really realized it. I got excited over something, though, and followed it.

I'm still working on my business stuff, though I have slowed a bit to think. I've been able to, so that's ok.

I've also had both good and bad times, IRL. Good was the party the other day. Bad is that a very good friend will soon be moving far away. Good is also that I feel pretty good, and that it's almost spring, so I will be getting busier outside. I can't wait for summer, and swimming.

Hope you all are well, and HUGE hugs.

I won't let it go so long again.


More me!

I've been super busy for the holiday season. I do the Christmas shopping also for my mom, who can't get out, some for my stepdad who can, but hates it, and all my own too. Shopped until I dropped the other day, and then it snowed. lol.

Might be taking the long trip up into the snowblasted wilderness to see my sister. Depends on how the roads and all are.

Still have to get more gifts tomorrow.

Plus, still wayyy too much fun being had in second life. And in assorted other goodies. I've been treasure hunting there. I do love a good treasure hunt. lol.

Hope all of you are having a great, safe, and fun holiday season. Enjoy the goodies and the good cheer. It only comes around once a year!

Hugs, all!


I have not dropped off the face of the earth!

No, indeed. I've been hard at work on RL stuff, on assorted and sundry, and admittedly, after discovering Rise of Nations, I discovered Second Life. That is addictive. And shiny. Very shiny.

SOo, anyway, if you know about that, I'm working on learning scripting and building, and got myself a couple of in character jobs. lol.

Have a party Saturday night. Real life. That will be fun. Gotta shop for a gift later tonight, as it's a birthday.

I'm about halfway through my Christmas shopping. Sorta.

I've had some pretty deep thoughts on some things, and was going to post about that, but can't really recall any of them now. Ain't that just the way of it?

Hugs, all!


Politics: Another Attempt To Smear Obama, Same Thing, All Over.

First, they tried to accuse him of being Islamic, though the man is Christian, and was brought up secular.

THEN they tried to say that he was radically liberal (Not that I have much against Liberal, but frankly, on a good many issues, he really comes off as more Moderate).

NOW they are trying to connect him to Vietnam era radicals in a way that does not compute. The radical in question, by the time Obama was old enough to have a clue (He'd met him, apparently, briefly as a child, and denies when he knew him as an adult being aware of his past), was a participating member in society. They had contact via charitable causes early in Mr. Obama's career.

The thing is, I do wish they'd make up their mind on their attempts to slander the man. One second, he's potentially an Islamic threat. The next, a mutually exclusive, frankly, liberal one. To top this off, the radical accusations were put to rest early on, when found to be a non-issue. McCain and company are obviously getting pretty desperate. I just hope that America in general is smart enough to have kept up with that.

That they are branding him as extremist for his position on abortion is just pot and kettle, considering that his position agrees with that of the majority of the US, and frankly, the majority of those who are somewhat sane on the issue in the US.

Now, as for Palin, it becomes more and more clear that SHE misused her authority over "troopergate."
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Assorted and Sundry:


So, there I was, swimming in the bay. Now, a few weeks ago, a baby thresher shark had gotten in, and died. It wasn't really a danger, being less than four feet long, sick, and having been run over by assorted propellers, though by the evening of the sighting, the length of it was being said to be up to eight feet, and the bay had been shut down. The bloody thing wasn't any bigger than a bluefish, for chrissakes, and those bite!

So, anyway, there I am, swimming. I'm well out, further than anyone else, nowhere near where you can stand up, when about fifty feet away, certainly no more, up pops this 20inch dorsal fin. For a split second, I was absolutely stunned, going OMGWTFBBQ! Then, I was off like a shot. I may be old, and yea, verily fat, but holy fuck, Michael Phelps eat your heart out. I hit shore that fast. Someone behind me calling out 'sunfish'. I didn't care. I'd been between them and it, and they were backing out, too. I wanted to hear that one from the lifeguards.

Yup, Sunfish. 700-1000 pounds of absolutely docile, jellyfish eating wierdass shaped fishead with fins. The lifeguards are still giggling over JUST how fast I moved, after years of seeing me swim ever so slowly to shore at night's end.


Yes, I feed them. I figure their habitat is already so disturbed by us that we are only making up for what they don't catch when we do. I also feel bad that so many people chase them just for the fuck of it. No, folks, it's NOT cute when your kid does that with the sand and the shovel to the bird. Teach them to be cruel to animals, why don't you? So, anyway, there I am, feeding them wholegrain something or other and bits of burger, pigeon standing on my toes, when I realize I am utterly surrounded by about fifty of the things, and some are getting SMART. One poor thing that had lost a foot, probably to fishing line, has figured out that you get the most food by hovering, and that the other birds can't attack you when you do. Yes, that bird got well-fed. I felt for it. There it is, maimed, rejected by its peers, yet adapting, and making due by using its brains. I admire that.


I called the governor of Alaska, upon hearing about her, and that McCain would be running with her, a bitch. This upset a family member, but to that I say that anyone who would attempt to deny me my rights to bodily autonomy in case of pregnancy, or even potentially to birth control, considering things that those as far right as she are pulling, is not only a bitch, but a fucking bitch. I also feel, just as an aside, that she's an overreaching beauty queen, plastic-assed soccer mom, and, for all she's popular in her home state for giving out wads of cash, shouldn't be anywhere near national politics with her apparent complete inability to separate church and state, and her intent to bring that assinine twaddle known as creationism into our classrooms. That she'll be a heartbeat from the presidency if the Republicons get in again somehow sounds more like a bad comedy plot than something that could be real, but Gods help us, it's real.


Up until last night, I was underwhelmed by the thought of Obama. Then, I saw him speak, and realized that his issues are my issues, right down to how I would have phrased some of them myself. If he can accomplish 1/4 of what he brought up and promised to do, he'd be the best damned candidate in years. Possibly decades or more. I found him incredibly persuasive, and we all know just how jaded I can be. I was going to vote for him before because I felt him the lesser of two evils. I'm going to vote for him now because, for the first time in a very long time, I am actually just a bit excited, and even hopeful, about a candidate. I actually BELIEVED some of what he said, because I could tell that he was holding back on how he said it.

I could tell that every fiber of him wanted to launch into that pulpit-standing kind of "I have a dream" style, but that he only hinted at that, while he made it pretty clear that he DOES have a dream, and what he's dreaming is something that I can actually stand behind. There is also what he said, and that there is not one thing I wouldn't see done that he wishes to attempt. I never once got the impression that this man was going to be about race, but about unity, and rights, including specifically, and FINALLY, rights for equal pay for women.

This is not a man who grew up with a silver spoon up his ass. I think he really meant some of this, because he grew up with a mother and grandmother who really did struggle, and apparently, idolizes both of them. He saw one ill and dying, and knows what it's like trying to get care. That really IS a big difference, and a big deal.

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Updating Of The Dira Files

Well, I've not been on that much lately. Blame the beach, etc. But I'm posting, and will be getting on probably at least a bit more now than I have been.

Today, I purchases shiny mcSHINY the laptop. Dual Processors, Maxed Ram at over 3 gigs, HUGE HDD, and it can burn CDs and DVDs. It also has blueray video capabilities. Top of the line, and they assured me (and hopefully were not full of shit) that there's nothing out there that I won't be able to do with it gamewise, etc.

Of course, I really bought it for business purposes, first and foremost, as I must be sure not to run into things like having a video card, etc, that isn't up to DOING anything I might need to do. What I'm up to could become graphics intense at times, and may very well wind up involving all sorts of peripheral issues like video.

NOW I just have to find solutions for a webdesign program, as Frontpage is no more, and what there is from what I understand isn't all that (and the REALLY new MS thingo has all kinds of features that mean nothing to my needs, and add undue confusion, while not even including, apparently, simple fucking background templates for pages.)

Someone brought up DREAMWEAVER, and I CRINGED at the $400 dollar pricetag attached, and the complexities involved. I was told, though, that it's professional standard. Meep. (I taught myself basic HTML, Older versions of Frontpage, and was becoming quite well versed with Frontpage 2003...)

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to find desktop publishing software that does what I need it to do in the way of several other formats, including PDF and something that will work with those cute little hand-held goodies that I know nothing at all about, never having owned one of the blasted things. (What I need is a way to password protect portions of documents, expire downloads, etc...while still enabling viral sharing of copies, and a way to come back to the home site and get a 'fresh' one if necessary. Tracking might also be very nice...)

Other than that, I've got a bit more content to develop, will have to use tools and goodies offered by the host of the site I choose (I need to put up bulletin boards, guest books, a chat or two, and a few other RPITA complications, though I intend to launch the thing if necessary before getting into some of that). My other big issues are just on clarifying what goes into some contractual literature. Then I have to get into the tedious side of setting up to handle bookkeeping aspects, though that's not so bad. I've done that professionally, and am damn good, though I've never set up a business quite like this one, nor quite from day one aside from converting systems.

Sooo...if there's anyone there reading this who's geekfu is stronger than mine in the computer/webdesign/software stuff, do gimme a shout. :D

My brain is getting perilously close to meltdown. I should probably turn it off soon for today. :)

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Update on Life, and Some Wierdass Shit.

I've been cleaning up messes again. That's always good. I've also been working on my website, and going to the beach. A whole lot. My beach time is for my health, and I remind myself not to feel guilty for including it, for all it costs a bit of gas, and I actually ENJOY it. Frankly, there's little enough in life I truly enjoy, and I have to stop waiting for SOMEDAY (Someday, I'll have more money. Someday, I'll be thinner. Someday, I'll meet the right person, someday, I'll get a new car that can make the trip...etcetc ad nauseum, though I'm now pretty good on the middle two) to live. I'm forty. Someday may never come.

In the very near future, I'm going to have some resources. I'll have cash squirreled away. I just need to be sure that I've got a modest replenishing bit of income, and it's all good. Meanwhile, I need to spend a few dollars. I want a real bed. I am going to go somewhere and do something, just for fun. I've not travelled anywhere but to my aunt's since college, and it's TIME I actually leave the state, if only for a few days worth of SOMETHING. I'm replacing my computer system, now 8 years old, as soon as I get the room set up to hold it. I can do all this for a relative pittance, but it's still not free. I have to do it, though. I can't wait for someday anymore. It hasn't come yet, it probably never will.

Anyway, on the wierd side, my home, though it looks cluttered and haunted, I can tell you, is NOT haunted. Or was not.

Since we brought home some of my Uncle's effects, odd things have been happening. Sometimes, very odd.

-The other night, I had the disappearing chocolate marzipan, and the wrapper laying in front of my couch. I didn't eat it, and neither did anyone else in the house. Had it been mice, there'd have been a mess. My uncle would always bring back good chocolates like that from Europe...

-I have actually gotten out the flashlight thinking I saw smoke in the room where the effects were. More than once. Person-shaped smoke. It went away several seconds AFTER the flashlight hit it. It was NOT smoke.

-Odd sounds. Yesterday, I'm almost certain it was not the TV (Fans were going, hard to tell if there was some soft under-track on the thing), there were whispering voices.

-Most of this shit is happening between 2:30 and 3:30 AM.

-I do not think that the incredibly foul stench this morning had anything to do with this, as it was coming from outside, but CHRIST, it was so bad I was gagging. It went away after about fifteen minutes, completely. NO idea what it was, but it smelled like something three four days dead in the bushes RIGHT out front. I went checking to be sure our sewer wasn't backing up, but the basement smelled fine, and so did the rear bathroom.

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