saadiira (saadiira) wrote,

Yes. I am making one of my current rare appearances.

Been sick for a bit. Lost 130 pounds, then blew a diabetic reading. Life is so not fair. There went any goodies with sugar. Also fell. That messed up my blood pressure but that's ALMOST normal again. (120/80...years of that regardless of weight and stayed within 4 points regardless of my love for tobacco.)

I fell right on my screws and plates back in September...and within 2 weeks gained 50 pounds of swelling and almost drowned on it. The emergency room had no clue. My lower leg turned totally black and blue and BLISTERED. At least they treated that right. My GP thank GOD knew I should be 50 pounds lighter and able to breath the moment he looked at me. Fortunately I did NOT need an ICU like the first doctor I saw kept swearing..along with "I will not touch your leg for a thousand bucks!" But all he was really seeing was my cabin fever looking leg and a fat girl. Sighs. Moron. He also was not LISTENING. Thank GODS my kidneys are good and I peed off the 50 in two weeks on diuretics. Got NO sleep and had to sit in a chair or miss the potty...but it worked. My breathing also has not been this good as it was since since I got aspiration pneumonia 10 years ago. Leg is FINALLY mostly better..though I have to hang on now on stairs. I am finally getting things done again.

House is still a mess. But I am managing to improve it. Promised myself once this mess is clean I can get a kitty. Mom had to go into the hospital back in August. She really can't walk anymore..and the stairs would be impossible. Cannot care for her here...and we both put out backs out me and Dad trying. The last 8 days she was here had to get emergency help twice when she fell out of the bed. Her vertigo was so bad the entire planet was spinning and in all that time we could not even get her to sit up. She'd fight us and insist she was going to fall. She is happy and well cared for where we have her and I just got her more books. She seems to enjoy Fern Michaels.
Tags: life or something like it
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