saadiira (saadiira) wrote,

It snowed alot, and what happened with Hazmat.

First off, we've never I believe gotten this much snow where I am (Long Island, NY, where a couple inches normally snarls traffic because we just don't get any that often) and it just keeps coming. I haven't seen a mess like this since I lived closer in to the city in the blizzard of '77. Actually, this might be worse.

Now, on to the other story:

A few days ago, we received a suspicious envelope at my dad's in-home business address. He had my mother look at it. She opened it. Someone had cut out some woman's name (She is utterly unknown to us) and put it above his business mailing (our home) address in the return address spot. The actual destination for the letter was a well-known vendor of sausages, cheeses, petit fors, etc. that is popular during the holidays. The postage was insufficient to get it there, so it was 'returned' to us. (Of course, no one here sent it, or knows who would even have thought to do such a thing.)

When opened, there were odd, cut out ads, or articles, or SOMETHING...none of it made any real sense. There was also a granular, powdery substance that fell out onto my (elderly) mother. Later, when it was in a ziplock, the cop shook it, and it also apparently contained a package of fast food style condiment.

And that is where we get to the CSI drama part of all this: Six hours, and in the course of all of that, more and more multi-jurisdictional law enforcement ensconced itself in front of our home. Local, county, state...varying emergency vehicles, marked cars, unmarked cars, an entire mobile hazmat lab, an additional police vehicle of unknown sort, and large size...(I stuck my head out the door to see what that was, only to be ordered back INSIDE about five hours into the entire thing by one of the two gentlemen in FULL HAZMAT SUITS with rebreathers..and a bucket in which to deposit the ziplocked and offensive article. By the end of all this, our entire block had been shut down, and they'd run various and sundry tests to determine what the HELL the substance with which we'd all been in reasonably close proximity might be.

Fortunately, inert. It was not a biohzard, not a toxin, etc. It was some form of protein powder, we were informed, though more tests would be done, and they did call back just to be sure that we were all still breathing the next day.

As for the sender? It was likely aimed at the gift basket company, and not us. My Dad's business does nothing controversial, and neither of my parents have any enemies. Anyone I may have pissed off would be unlikely to be able to find me, as I tend to stay broad in my personal details, and haven't pissed off a soul OFFLINE. Too, had I been careless, it would have targeted me, not some random woman's name and my dad's business address. It came here due to inadequate postage, and in retrospect, it's highly unlikely that someone was THAT diabolically clever as to ensure that it wouldn't go through to the address most likely intended. MOST likely, we were simply involved by random chance when someone picked out a name, a business name and address, and pasted them together. We simply hope that it is a harmless nutter, or a miserable prank, and not a test run for something nasty.

Meanwhile, I've been really stressed lately. I can't imagine why. Twitches.


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