saadiira (saadiira) wrote,

Let's try this again, from the top...

First and foremost, a happy holiday season to all.

I unfortunately wasn't on nearly as much as I'd hoped for some time. I'm fine, pretty much, but have not been feeling overly well.

On the bright side, we managed to kill the drama from my last entry at last. In short, the site manager finally broke it off with his drama-causing online girlfiend, and got a new, RL one, who is a huge improvement. There was rejoicing throughout the land.

I finally finished my christmas shopping (mostly) tonight though my stuff to a few online friends shall be delayed. I just didn't feel up to the UPS store on top of everything else. IRL family and friends, pretty much everybody got a hoody.

I regret that my deeper thought moments for here of late have come while I'm offline, but I should have something more exciting soon. I've been a bit ranty of late, and that can be far more fun in an online journal than other places, lol.

Be well all!

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