saadiira (saadiira) wrote,

It was a lovely summer, with a mild side of discontent.

The beach was fabulous this summer. I'm hoping to get one last day before it closes, and after the storm, though Sunday might be a bit too cool.

It looks like the worst of the hurricane is to bypass us. It will be 40mph winds, and a couple inches of rain, and hopefully nothing more.

There are times I take my online life a bit too seriously I think. Here it's lovely generally, but I've found my new most oft visited place to be both the source of some lovely people, and a gods awful drama pit.

There are times that the bs there is enough to make the kittens cry, and unfortunately, the worst offenders and people tend to be the ones that others so avidly believe and support far too often. Or perhaps they just fear them and that's how they justify spreading crap. In short, I could write novels at this point over in Bad Rpers suck.

I need to get back in the habit of visiting here far more. It's a bastion of sanity.

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