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So What To Crap On About Tonight? Moody with TMI

Well, there's the weather. Still haven't made it to the beach for all it's been amazing, mostly due to the fact that they decided to close the beach I can enjoy the water in due to their budgeting bullshit. Never mind it's the only beach suitable for the less able, elderly, and those who don't want their toddlers getting eaten by massive waves as they sit ignoring them and sipping whatever the hell it is they're drinking on the side with the massive waves, nor that that parking lot actually is the overflow for the beach that closes for lack of parking. No...considering those factors would make some fucking sense...and combine that with the fact that they raised prices again, but again cut services? Really wondering who is pocketing the cash on this one. State parks and their services should not be expendable in a bad economy. They are a place for cash-strapped families and singles to go, and a place to keep the younger members of our society OCCUPIED and at least somewhat more out of trouble.

Ok...I really couldn't have gone quite yet anyway. I have an at the moment. Round two of doctor probably tomorrow. Here's the TMI:

(Forgive me for forgetting how to do a cut and not looking it up right this second so I will keep it brief and relatively vague.)

Abscess, large, and getting larger. Had to be drained (read that as sliced open). Don't think it a good idea to get sand in the damn thing. It has a pal that was not immediately apparent due to size and swelling that did not drain when the first one was cut. Gotta go back and have that cut open as well. The actual procedure is FAR less painful than the condition itself. Actually, don't feel a damn thing after the lydocaine shot. Before? couldn't find a position that I could sleep in. Now? Worst part is the nasty taste if I don't eat enough of something to keep the antibiotic down. that and that it apparently causes some dizziness, especially when I forget to eat at all...

On the bright side? Hopeful that it will go away now. Maybe it will even stay away, though THIS doctor (Actually nurse practitioner) mentioned it may involve something hereditary, and yes, maybe I did do JUST enough damage when I started getting these about six seven years back with a depillatory burn in the three areas I get them (One remaining) with JUST enough scar tissue, that it keeps happening.

She was awesome though, very professional, and catered both to my last experience with a doctor on this having turned me off to seeing another...(He told me you're fat, what do you expect basically, carped on about Atkins, which won't work with what I have, didn't treat me, and sent me home basically to soak it in salt water and continue on in screaming pain.) I mentioned this, she made a less than complimentary comment about some male doctors, said she gets thin people in pretty much every day with the same thing, and never said one word about anything else in context except about treating what was actually wrong. Oh yeah, and she charged me 200 less than that Yayhoo. She also took a culture of it to figure out what might be happening bacterially in case the first antibiotic doesn't work and I require something more specific.

I really expected the usual bs when I first saw her: Thin, very pretty, practicing in an upscale town known for looksism, and at first glance, appearing all of about 18. (Closer inspection and you could JUST tell that she's probably in her thirties (Dermatological practitioner, and man she must practice what she preaches because she was the walking embodiment of what ZERO sun damage looks like on a redhead), but wouldn't even be looking that hard frankly if not looking at her as a medical professional. lol. That was my bad. She was flippin AWESOME and a total professional.

On another health-related note: I've hit the age apparently where my metabolism finally changes. My weight-related problems were puberty onset, and apparently caused by whacked out hormones. Over the last few months, with no huge changes to much of anything and no starvation, etc, (Maybe I'm eating a little healthier than I usually do, but I've done that before, never ate unhealthily, save perhaps when I cut things so far down when weight wouldn't otherwise come off that my hair started to fall out...) I've dropped somewhere around sixty pounds. I've lost four and it looks like now six jeans sizes, my clothes are falling off, and I have to go shopping again, because the smaller jeans I bought a couple weeks ago are not small enough, and are also falling the hell off. I had to buy a kid's jumprope at the store while out shopping for other things just to keep my damn pants off. Made the cashier laugh like hell seeing me put it on.

I haven't even STARTED my two hour a day swims that I try to do for as much of the summer as I can, and I look for a change visibly...thinner.

My mother at a couple years older than I am now also dropped huge weight that wouldn't come off before, though her problems were never as severe as mine, and the pounds only came back due to major mobility difficulties later on. I am actually hopeful for the first time in decades that I can at least go down to somewhere around average size. Not really thin, but maybe not so fat that I stand out.

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