saadiira (saadiira) wrote,

Is about. :)

About what you might ask? Ah that is the question isn't it?

Still addicted to the odd online hobby...

Taking care of family. (Mom mostly.)

Hoping the beach season starts very, very soon. Yes, I am still a massive beach bum in summer.

It's been glorious lately meanwhile. Water temps will definitely be up to where I'll jump in within a couple weeks, especially if it warms back up, though not sure when they'll have the water open and lifeguards on, with the damn budget cuts. Some things? Shouldn't cut. Low cost entertainment that encourages fitness for the entire family and libraries should never be cut. Nor should museums and related cultural/educational centers. Beauty, culture, and nature are the constants that make society worthwhile. Otherwise all we have, all we leave behind are grim middens filled with what didn't get recycled.

Anyway, enough of that. Hugs you all!

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