saadiira (saadiira) wrote,

Hey all!

All is well. Killer busy in my other interwebz stuff but came to say hi.

Still going out with that lovely gent, though we didn't see each other over the holidays we did this past weekend and it was great. Sushi and cuddles. Could not be happier.

Boston Market tonight. They always send me on food runs when I am overwhelmed already. lol. \\

Been enjoying myself though, and totally hoping to find a good book too, just so that I can relax a bit between all the other fun stuff. Winter is kinda kicking my ass. I tend to have zero energy when the sun isn't shining so much, but it's gotten a bit better this past couple days.

FINALLY after thirty years managed to track down a teacher I've been looking for and actually presuming dead the past five. Did one more search, and tried going down the road of a different spelling (One I'd never tried because I was so sure there was a D on the end...there wasn't. And he's now got a facebook type site for business types. I saw a similar name, saw it was for someone totally into education and omg...found him. Then thanked him for teaching me to read, and told him what I've been doing with it. :)

Hope you all are doing great.

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