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The Thanksgiving Dira Update!

Kitty passed on after almost 19 wonderful years on October 31st. I am finally not looking for him every time I move the chair or come into my computer room. His urn shall rest upon my desk, with me.

We are doing Thanksgiving out again this year. Just the three of us so no need to go nuts cooking. Still, I miss leftover turkey.

I've been working on some major housecleaning though, so we may be replacing our old stove soon. The oven hasn't functioned in awhile...and I miss baked and roasted goodies.
The problem with getting in a new one is actually just getting it into the house. laughs. Though my mother seems oddly attached to the stove we have..and the drawer for storage beneath it, but it's old and truly must go. working on that too.

I have a new relationship and though we've not been able to get together the last couple weeks between his kids and colds, we should be this weekend, and I am sooo happy. YAY to sushi and Dexter reruns and movie downloads and getting online and...just having fun. laughs.

I am still utterly addicted to gaming in SL. My bad...

I am currently craving something but not sure what. Hmm. Maybe I'll dart out for a bit to get a goodie...two twenty four am. Something's gotta be open right?

HUGS all!

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