saadiira (saadiira) wrote,

Life got BUSY!

I met someone new online, and began to see him shortly after my long term relationship online broke up. It's kinda good it finally did I think. I don't think he'd ever have been more than online, for all I cared about him very deeply. This is, finally, and it's pretty wonderful. He doesn't let me pay for anything, is caring, and sweet, and doesn't in any way ever down me. He's smart, and funny, and we share interests. He's even got a real job, and has been working it for over two decades. I've been seeing him every weekend for a bit over a month now, and I'm really happy.

Meanwhile, kitty could be doing better, but he's still dragging along. He's not eating very well, and is fading a bit. He's almost 19 though, and it was inevitable. Still, I am doing my best for him, and adore him. He's getting extra cuddles and whatever he is willing to eat.

Other stuff is going pretty well. I will go into more detail later.

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